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Tali's greatest gift was the ability to create relationships, and with her determination and love, she made friends wherever she went. 

“…We just lost a mom, Tali Kornhauser from the country of Israel. Tali had a great husband and happy children, one of whom happens to have an intellectual disability, Lin.   Lin changed Tali’s whole life.

Tali was an artist and decided to bring the joy of art to people with intellectual disabilities all over the world. 


She was a peace builder, which she learned from her daughter, Lin.

Tali was always looking for ways to bring people together, Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians even Syrians, which is not easy in Israel.

This is the story of a human being who faced what most people see as the worst possible outcome – a child who is different, a child who is going to struggle with something. 

Most parents are terrified by that, however, 


Tali did not see Lin as the child who didn’t fit in, but rather the child who taught her what it means to fit in…”

Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics

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