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Graffiti (Murals) 
Tali's biggest love was making inclusive art, no matter where she was. With people from all backgrounds, her creativity always shone thought

Kibbutz Ma'abarot - A home for athletes with  intellectual    disability
Tali's lifetime mission was building a home for life for Lin and her athletes  friends, where they can work, play sport and have a genuine community experience. This dream came true, together with her partner and  friend Orit Shimoni, on September 2019. 




Combining art in education

Tali had the ability and conviction to combine with her art important causes, such as spreading peace and aiding Holocaust survivors and much more.


Family - always   #1

Tali was always there for her family, always thinking about their best interest. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Tali is deeply missed and we will never forget the wonderful person she was <3

Lin, 2 gold medals Warsaw ,Europe games 2010.jpg
Pictures from her workshops
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